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About Simurgh

The Story of Simurgh

Fred (Farhad) the owner was born and raised in the north of Iran and came to the UK in the early 80’s. Before refurbishing and turning the premises at 17 Garrick Street into Simurgh he ran the very successful Cafe Santa there for eight years.

Persian Cuisine is considered to be one of the world’s greatest cuisines next to the maybe more obvious ones like French and Italian. The Persians use a wide variety of herbs in their cooking and have several different varieties of rice dishes.

With this said, Fred, felt the time was right to introduce the Persian art of cooking in the West End of London.

There are a number of Persian restaurants in London and are with very few exceptions located outside the centre of London. One of the aims of Simurgh is to make Persian food more appealing to everyone by ‘adjusting’ the menu and presentation of the food while ensuring that the unique taste of Persia isn’t lost!